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April 22, 2014 at 3:41pm
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I think that these organizations are an instance of a much bigger phenomenon that we are witnessing and will be, I think, a big feature of the new century. And that is what you might call them the new incomes that people seek from work. And the old incomes were the incomes to economic man, salary and benefits and a work week that didn’t go on forever. And of course, those old incomes are still important and will always be important.

But we have rising generations moving into the workforce for whom those incomes may be important, but they’re not in and of themselves sufficient. And the new incomes that people seek from work are more like incomes to the psychological person. They’re incomes to our interior. They’re incomes that can support happiness.

OK, now happiness can be looked at in a variety of ways, and one phase of happiness is kind of this picture of a sort of continuous buzz and happiness as a state of excitement and the banishment of pain and boredom. And we have workplaces that are kind of celebrated because they have this– Google might be a good example of this– wonderful completely different feel that you’re kind of continuously being taken care of, and you’re being well fed, and you’re being given time every week to work on your own projects. And there’s a kind of happiness or a new income that a workplace like that provides.

But when people study happiness, there’s another face of happiness that is not just happiness as a state but happiness as a process. And this is more the Aristotelian conception of happiness, the happiness that comes from the experience of your own unfolding, the experience of yourself as a growing and developing person, the experience of yourself as someone who can become a better version of yourself. And that is a very precious kind of income as well.

And I think that what I’ve been more impressed by as we’ve now begun to kind of go public with this work that we’ve been doing now for a couple of years and talking with more audiences about the DDO is really not the ways in which people say, oh my god, and they want to run out of the room. And this is the last place they want to work. What I’m much more impressed by is the way it seems to tap into a great longing that many, many people do feel and do want from their workplaces, where they want not only to be respected and to feel engaged and that it’s quote “a good place to work.” But without their knowing it, they really also want a good place to grow. And growing involves growing pains and labor pains, and there are parts of it that can be difficult, but it can also be tremendously exhilarating.

— Are You the “Real You” in the Office? - HBR IdeaCast - Harvard Business Review

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Credit: http://www.artificial.cc/

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MAUD   |    http://maud.com.au

"Nomad is a res­taur­ant serving exclus­ively local and Aus­tralian pro­duce. Our design solution stretches from brand through to interior and signage, and employs a raw and natural aesthetic that is sympathetic to the restaurant’s culinary approach. One of the features of the interior design is a commissioned art piece from CJ Hendry an emerging young artist based in Bris­bane. CJ is renowned for intric­ate photoreal­ist still life pen draw­ings. The logo is a deliberate reference to the free-spirited nature of a Nomad with letters drift­ing from their original place.”

Maud cre­ates pro­voc­at­ive design that builds brands and busi­nesses. Our approach is hon­est, driven by human insight and always starts with brand strategy. We’re multi-disciplinary team of thinkers who place func­tion before aes­thetic and work to cre­ate endur­ing design solu­tions that con­nect with people.

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クランクアップ。|前田希美オフィシャルブログ「まえのんBlog」 Powered by Ameba


クランクアップ。|前田希美オフィシャルブログ「まえのんBlog」 Powered by Ameba

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(via ☆.私服( ^ω^)|前田希美オフィシャルブログ「まえのんBlog」 Powered by Ameba)

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Twitter / Maeda_Nozomi


Twitter / Maeda_Nozomi


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Kitchen by Lucy McLintic http://www.houzz.com/photos/514790/Lucy-McLintic-modern-kitchen-san-francisco


Kitchen by Lucy McLintic http://www.houzz.com/photos/514790/Lucy-McLintic-modern-kitchen-san-francisco

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過去、”L”の発音を教えてた時の事。”L”を使う単語として”Love”だとか”Cloud”だとかで練習しても全然上達してくれないのに、”Lux Super Rich”で練習するとLとRの発音が両方とも瞬時に改善されたという怪現象を経験したことがある。

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"A saga of hope, drama and miniskirts…" Abbey Lee Kershaw for Rag & Bone, 2008

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Healthy lunch idea!


Healthy lunch idea!

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— Twitter / GoITO: 新しい事業を社内で提案したら「そんな素晴らしいものだったら、 … (via otsune)

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