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Have you seen my one-minute cooking show Minute Kitchen? Each short video teaches you how  to make an easy, healthy, (gluten free and often vegan) recipe in 1 minute or less! Check out all 8 episodes here and stop back every  Wednesday for the new recipe!

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Any parting words of wisdom for entrepreneurs out there?

William Gibson said “The future is already here.”

I think when you search for entrepreneurship ideas, some people tend to fall into the trap of serching for the “Big Idea” – feeling that they need to invent something that is totally revolutional and totally new.

But that’s not necessary at all. So many successful startups are about solving the small problems and inconviniences that have existed for so long, and to simply provide a solution that is accessible and easy to use. Look at Uber or Airbnb. In the US, “Carpooling” has been a popular & practical option in cities that have limited method of transport, and Americans have long rented the spare rooms that their grown kids have left behind. In other words, the future was already there, and right there in the hands of the ordinary people.

What Uber and Airbnb did was to simply notice those scenes from life, and to repackage it in the way that fits the current lifestyle, in the style of user-friendly infrastructure.

I think the word “entrepreneur” tend to imply charismatic genius with crazy idea, but in actuality I think it helps more to be alert & perceptive to what’s happening (and what needs to happen) here and now.

— Masaya Yamamoto, Co-Founder Of KitchHike

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In your opinion, what are the keys to entrepreneurial success?

1) Flexibility

2) Bravery to be in the minority

3) Credibility

 Flexibility, because you need to read the tides of time and to proactively adapt yourself to it. Not being afraid to change the initial plan. To always be moving forward in the direction you can; because that is where the real need is.

Bravery to be in the minority. New & novel ideas will not be accepted and understood at first. But you need have faith that future is on your side, and what is minority now will be the norm in the future, and make brave steps towards that future.

Credibility. You won’t succeed without help and kindness from people around you. It helps enormously to have people who believe in you and to willingly support you. And to do that you need to open yourself up and be credited for the person you are.

— Masaya Yamamoto, Co-Founder Of KitchHike

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I never set out to be an entrepreneur.

I’m just a guy who wants to make a positive impact in the world – to change and enrich it. And in this day and age, the most obvious approach for doing that seemed to be to use the power of the web, and to start a startup.

If I belonged to a different generation, I think that I probably would never considered starting up a business. Maybe I might have tried writing novels, or got involved in politics, or work the field as a farmer, or whatever.

— Masaya Yamamoto, Co-Founder Of KitchHike

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something about sitting down to eat inside people’s homes really helps to establish a deep connection and exchange our lives in such short time. The experience changes me (the HIKER) but to have this strange traveler come into your home to share your food, it changes them (the COOKs) too.

— Masaya Yamamoto, Co-Founder Of KitchHike



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— なぜあの人の解決策はいつもうまくいくのか?―小さな力で大きく動かす!システム思考の上手な使い方 / 枝廣 淳子 (via ebook-q)

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Japanese Matcha Kuzuyu, Traditional syrupy hot herbal beverage with matcha tea, from Kyoto Nijyo Wakasaya|抹茶くず湯


Japanese Matcha Kuzuyu, Traditional syrupy hot herbal beverage with matcha tea, from Kyoto Nijyo Wakasaya|抹茶くず湯

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Arc’teryx Veilanceが半額になるツテ求む…
#wishlist #arcteryxveilance (Arc’teryx 原宿)

Arc’teryx Veilanceが半額になるツテ求む…
#wishlist #arcteryxveilance (Arc’teryx 原宿)

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#pool #Tokyo #photo #2014  (The Pool Aoyama)

#pool #Tokyo #photo #2014 (The Pool Aoyama)

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なんかAdventure Timeのイベントやってる。絶対いらないけど、この等身大?Jake欲しくなってしまう
#jakethedog #finnthehuman #adventuretime  (Sign 代官山)

なんかAdventure Timeのイベントやってる。絶対いらないけど、この等身大?Jake欲しくなってしまう
#jakethedog #finnthehuman #adventuretime (Sign 代官山)

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#eatonotype風 #food #photo #代官山 (Bombay Bazar)

#eatonotype風 #food #photo #代官山 (Bombay Bazar)

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久しぶりに来てみようって思い立つんだけど、いっつも混んでて入れない… (Tom’s Sandwich)

久しぶりに来てみようって思い立つんだけど、いっつも混んでて入れない… (Tom’s Sandwich)

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The Body Shapes of the World’s Best Athletes Compared Side By Side

Health and fitness comes in all shapes and sizes. Every single one of these athletes is a certified bad-ass.

I’ve posted this before but it’s worth reblogging!

Just a reminder - if you’re drawing a team superhero book and more than one of your characters has the same build YOU’RE DOING IT ALL WRONG

That is actually very cool.

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